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Fortnite’s origins harken back to a simpler time – the early seasons of Chapter 1 when the game was just taking off.

Players yearn to relive the iconic locations, unvaulted items, and classic gameplay from seasons past. Luckily, some of the best Fortnite Creative maps capture that nostalgic old-school Fortnite feeling by remixing OG elements into new gameplay experiences.

We’ve compiled the most popular OG Fortnite maps that will satisfy your nostalgia. These maps tap into familiar combat and building mechanics while introducing novel spins like hero abilities and powerups. Their straightforward concepts, social focus, and frequent updates keep players coming back.

OG Fortnite Map Codes


OG Map Code: 0410-1343-0617

Fast-paced free for all gun game in an island setting with OP weapons. Eliminate enemies in one shot to level up through an arsenal of Chapter 1 guns. Features unlimited respawn and constant updates.


OG Map Code: 0454-0683-3831

Battle it out in a classic zone wars map with the twist of 16 different hero abilities to spice up the gameplay. Pick from fan favorite powers like Venom and Spiderman webs across 4 teams of 4 players. Great for practicing build fights and edits.


OG Map Code: 5196-0233-5799

Exciting 4v4v4v4 zone wars with every weapon from Chapter 1 unvaulted. Work with your squad to be the last team standing and enjoy custom victory animations. Constant map updates keep the action fresh.


OG Map Code: 1665-7192-1814

16 player free-for-all zone wars focused on bringing back Chapter 1 nostalgia. Features OG items like the pump shotgun, bouncers, and launch pad plus OG mechanics like siphon and moving zones.


OG Map Code: 4478-4765-7802

Practice high-intensity 1v1 build fights with zero delay and OG Chapter 1 weapons. Queue up against up to 12 players in matchmaking and enjoy the classic Fortnite combat experience.


OG Map Code: 6781-0760-7173

Exciting team deathmatch with two teams battling it out. Features unvaulted Chapter 1 items like impulse grenades, heavy shotgun, and more. Find hidden secrets and powerups around the map to gain an edge over the opposing team.


OG Map Code: 0251-9829-3616

Free-for-all practice map focused on Chapter 1 gameplay. Take advantage of unvaulted guns, items, and traps while earning coins for each elimination to purchase rewards. Great for warming up mechanics.

OG Map Code Insights

Here are some insights into what makes an OG map popular.

By analyzing what makes these OG maps so engaging, we uncovered some insights into crafting a hit throwback map – focus on social squad play, leverage nostalgia through iconic locations and items, keep core mechanics intact, and refresh content regularly.

  • Nostalgia – Leveraging OG Fortnite elements like Chapter 1 guns, items, and mechanics taps into players’ nostalgia for earlier seasons. Using the original map geography and landmarks also triggers nostalgia.
  • Simple Concept – Most of these maps have a straightforward concept or game mode at their core like zone wars or 1v1 build fights. This makes them easily accessible and allows for focused gameplay.
  • Familiar Core Mechanics – Despite novel twists, these maps stick to Fortnite’s core combat and building mechanics. This allows players to leverage their skills making adoption easier.
  • Social Experience – Many maps facilitate squad play or large FFA matches. This social element paired with a compelling game mode enhances engagement.
  • Frequent Updates – The popular maps get frequent content updates to keep them feeling fresh. This maintains player interest and provides reasons to return.

For creating a popular OG map, focus on a simple nostalgic concept like gun game or red vs blue. Include familiar Chapter 1 items and weapons that skilled players will appreciate. Support squad sizes like 4v4 but also allow solo play. Add your own twists like powerups or hero abilities but don’t deviate too far from core mechanics. Update the map weekly to keep players coming back. Leverage social platforms to gain a following.

So drop into these time machines to Chapter 1 and enjoy Fortnite like it’s 2019 again.

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