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With every new Fortnite season comes an intense race to unlock all the shiny new battle pass rewards. Casual players know how tough it can be to fully level up the pass before the season ends, especially by just playing Battle Royale. This is where Fortnite’s creative XP maps come in clutch.

Creative Mode XP Farming

Creative mode offers some of the best opportunities to quickly gain XP through fun mini-games and challenges. We’ve compiled some of the most popular XP farming maps that will accelerate your battle pass progression.

The Pit – Free For All


ThePit Fortnite XP map

The Pit is a free-for-all shooter map that exemplifies chaotic, fast-paced combat. With instant respawns, a wide assortment of weapons, and continuous build battles, The Pit is easily one of the best maps for quickly amassing XP. You get a good chunk of XP for every elimination, which come fast and frequently in this frenzied game mode.

Created by Geerzy

The Pit was created by Geerzy and has been one of the most popular creative maps since it was first introduced. Its free-for-all design really captures the frantic, close-quarters action that Fortnite is known for. The instant respawns ensure you’re right back in the battle after being eliminated, rather than having to spectate and wait.

With shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles and plenty of healing items strewn around the map, you have all the tools necessary for some wild build fights. The Pit minimizes the looting and downtime that can slow down Battle Royale matches. It’s just constant combat, earning XP, and flexing your building skills against other players.

500+ Level Deathrun



As the name suggests, this parkour focused map contains over 500 levels of obstacle courses and traps to overcome. The difficulty is designed to be relatively easy compared to other deathrun maps, making it more beginner friendly. It’s split into 30 sections with 20 players per section. The sheer volume of levels makes this one of the best maps for easily gaining XP.

Created by Hanuta7

Created by Hanuta7, the 500+ Level Deathrun gives you tons of platforming challenges to take on. After nearly every obstacle you complete, you gain a solid chunk of XP. So even though most sections are simple, the XP quickly piles up just by the sheer amount of levels.

It’s a great map for players looking to improve their parkour and traversal skills. You’ll bound across floating platforms, time jumps through traps, and avoid obstacles along the way. Each level provides a bite-sized platforming challenge to overcome.

The easier difficulty opens it up for players who find other deathrun maps too punishing. But there’s still plenty of moments that will test your coordination and reaction time. It’s the perfect way to grind out XP efficiently while enjoying some fun movement challenges.

BR Solo Bot Practice



This map offers a private Battle Royale experience against 99 bot opponents. It’s a great way to get high quality practice against AI without the pressure of real opponents. Taking down the bots nets you a good amount of XP in a low stress environment. It’s perfect for developing skills and strategies to bring back into regular matches.

Created by CynikTG

Created by CynikTG, the BR Solo Bot Practice map gives you the complete battle royale experience with one major change – your opponents are all bots. This lets you get meaningful practice time in against AI that simulates real players.

You can practice rotations, drop spot strategies, aiming, building, and more against these bots. And every bot you eliminate rewards XP, so you level up your battle pass in the process. It’s a great way to polish skills if you struggle against real opponents in the main modes.

The bots have decent AI that makes them feel like real players at times. They will build, make edits, and shoot back at you convincingly. But they aren’t as unpredictable or overwhelming as actual humans. So you can implement new strategies and improve areas you’re weak at with less pressure.




Bring the spooky survival horror of Five Nights at Freddy’s into Fortnite’s creative mode. Use security cameras to track the movements of animatronic killers lurking in the dark. Surviving all five nights rewards you with a healthy dose of XP. Even if you’re not a fan of the original games, this map delivers a unique horror-tinged experience unlike standard Fortnite.

Created by Jesgran

Jesgran’s Five Nights at Freddy’s map brings the terrifying animatronics from the popular horror franchise into Fortnite’s creative mode. It perfectly recreates the disturbing atmosphere and stressful gameplay loop that made the original games so iconic.

You play as a night guard stuck in an office trying to survive until 6AM by monitoring security cameras. Outside your doors lurk menacing animatronic mascots looking to sneak in and attack you. Using the cameras, you have to keep track of their movements and close the doors when they get too close.

Succeeding in keeping the animatronics out rewards you with a hefty amount of XP. So if you think you can withstand five nights of jump scares and paranoia, this map offers a great way to level up your battle pass. Even if you’ve never played the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games, this is a unique and terrifying Fortnite experience.

Castle Bed Wars



Bed Wars is a competitive game mode originally from Minecraft that has been recreated in Fortnite. Teams have a bed in their castle that they must protect while trying to destroy other teams’ beds. Once a bed is broken, that team can no longer respawn. The mix of gathering resources, upgrading gear, and tactical teamwork makes this a great way to gain XP while enjoying something beyond standard Battle Royale.

Created by A1Getdismoney

In this creative map from A1Getdismoney, teams of players face off in Bed Wars, a strategic game mode popularized by Minecraft. The goal is to break the other teams’ beds located in their castle base while protecting your own.

Matches start by gathering resources like wood, stone and iron. These can be exchanged for better weapons, armor and tools to help take down enemy beds. You have to balance offense to destroy other beds with defense to secure your own.

There’s also an element of gearing up over time by upgrading to stronger items. Collecting more resources lets you trade up for things like diamond swords and high tier armor.

It’s an extremely tactical game mode that relies heavily on communication and teamwork. The mix of economic strategy, base defense and PvP combat comes together for a thrilling mashup you can’t find in standard Fortnite. And fighting your way to victory also brings in a big payload of XP and battle pass progression.

Creative XP Maps Take Your Battle Pass to New Heights

Creative mode opens up a world of opportunities to enjoy Fortnite in new ways while simultaneously powering through the battle pass. Hop into one of these stellar XP farming maps and start reaping those sweet experience points. Just a few matches in the right map can make a massive difference in battle pass progression. Race to unlock those elite skins and show them off in-game.

With custom options like modifying loot pools and challenges, there’s near limitless possibilities for creative mode. Epic is constantly featuring new community-made maps, so there’s always something new to try.

But these selections shine as some of the best maps for quickly leveling up your battle pass. It beats the repetitive grind of punchcards and daily challenges. Creative XP maps let you have fun and earn tons of experience at the same time.

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